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Start of the Amazon delivery charge apocalypse?

I worry that all online services are loss-leaders, addicting us to their teats of convenience and affordability. As we become fully dependent on their motherly provisions, the prices are hiked and we’re stuck: too suckered into their succour to escape.

It’s a bit like when you move back home with your parents after university.



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Will Nextbit’s smartphone usher in new age of cloud-phone storage?

It’s an easy futurist view to imagine cloud storage replacing physical, local storage devices. The benefits are huge and obvious: it’s secure, it’s means data is easy to access from anywhere, and it’s scalable.

But is it so successful that it can be adopted to the extent that Nextbit’s cloud smartphone suggests, where we outsource almost all of our non-immediate data to the cloud?



How computer game AI works

User Xinhuan over at Reddit (tagline: the page on the internet where every major mainstream news source steals its personal interest content. Did you know it has 72 billion pages view last year?) has written a great summary on how computer A.I. works.

I’ve quoted it in full below, because surely this website will outlast Reddit. I also broke it into more readable paragraphs.

Read Xinhuan’s AI summary


Japan creates world’s most powerful laser: Godzilla scared

I’m going to get the terrible Japanese stereotypes out the way before I continue. Yes, the Japanese could mount the world’s most powerful laser on a giant robot to fight Godzilla. It could be piloted by dramatic, overly young heroes who will be worshipped by otaku. The animé will be great, the computer game less so, and the kinky porn spin-off will be surprisingly full of man-on-man love that will predominantly be read by teenage girls and young female adults, both of whom will be in school uniform when they’re not working in Maid Cafés.)

If you’re through reading all that junk, then you’ll be pleased to know that I’m going to skip the obvious Death Star reference and get to the cool facts.